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Synonyms for part-time

involving less than the standard or customary time for an activity



for less than the standard number of hours


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"Going to school part time exacerbates those challenges--and makes it more difficult for schools to help students overcome them.
In contrast, slightly more than three-quarters of part-time workers (21.4 million) worked part time for noneconomic reasons in 2016, accounting for about 14.1 percent of total employment.
She said that, on average, women's part time earnings in Wales are around PS7,696 per year, with this work being concentrated in lowhours, low-graded work in feminised occupations.
According to data released earlier this month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 7.9 million Americans were employed part time "for economic reasons'' in August -- 4.8 million worked part time because of "slack work or business conditions,'' 2.7 million "could only find part-time work'' -- and 19.3 million worked part time for "noneconomic reasons.''
Inspired perhaps by the Kirstie Allsopp effect', more women are likely to have creative part time businesses than men (49% of women compared to 33% of men).
The number of mothers employed part time was fairly consistent at about 25 percent of the total over the span of the study, although mothers moved in and out of part-time work.
Pediatricians who work part time report greater satisfaction in both their professional and personal lives.
Around four in ten women in work are working part time, according to the study.
When she attended college her employment status converted to part time under the Student Career Experience component until she graduated.
"In math this semester, 70 people are teaching part time, as compared with 33 full-time faculty members.
The Retiree is a candidate who is seeking part time work after retirement.
I am fortunate that, after working full time for two years, my employer has agreed to allow mc to work part time, although it does not usually recruit part-time accountants.
In addition,employers should be aware of the Part Time (Preventionof Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000, which state that part-time workers should not be treated less favourably than comparable full-time workers at the same workplace.
Conversely, we analyze the effect of instructor rank as it pertains to full time or part time employment status on student grades in the principles of business statistics course.
Almost half of Ontario's registered nurses work part time, according to a report of casual and part-time RNS.