Parsons table

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a sturdy rectangular table with block legs at the four corners

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The solid maple unit rolls on spherical casters, Legs are inset flush with the top, as on a Parsons table.
Resurrecting a badly scratched top surface on an otherwise serviceable Parsons table would have required hours of sanding and refinishing.
Chairs, Parsons Tables, Bars, Stools Folding Tables, Booths, Nooks, Pub Tables.
Good taste is evident in Michael Brown's minimalistic set pieces--golden monkeys from Anton's Le Singe d'Or restaurant, an Eames chair, Parsons tables and simple black furniture--and Alex Jaeger's muted costumes accurately reflect East Coast class and sophistication.
Before, we had product on parsons tables and cubes and each store had different fixturing -- we're trying to make it more uniform.