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the tail of a dressed fowl

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Ms Williams said: "We're very proud to support farms like The Parsons Nose and work closely with them to ensure they have the funding and input they need to drive success.
Suzie Jury: D-Di's icecreams, and Parsons Nose for chips!
I walked past what used to be the old Parsons Nose etc on Monday night which of course needed to come down as the area was an eyesore, hang on no it wasn't because the area now is an excuse for a lawned area but looks more like a dumping ground for weeds, uneven "grass" and rubble (watch out for the claims for twisted ankles).
The jokey title, Beautiful, Babies, Optical, Parsons Nose, Trembling Camera, Weird Shutter Release, Artistic Eye, Exploding Pig, Chainsaw, Sex Painting, (With To Small Pink Splashes) sounds like a strange echo of 1960s Pop Art, although the parallels som e have tried to draw between Cool Britannia and Swinging Britain seems an obvious contrivance.
The site has been derelict since a severe fire broke out in the former Mr Porkys and Parsons Nose takeaways, in Bishop Street, in 2009.