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a computer program that divides code up into functional components

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Karen Pieper, Tabula's director of software, who has extensive experience parsing Verilog and VHDL, said : "Verific's SystemVerilog and VHDL parsers are among the best architected and implemented software packages in EDA.
NET Parser is available in two versions: Lite and Pro.
O NLTK oferece modulos capazes de processar gramaticas em diversos formalismos e construir parsers por meio dos quais podemos analisar sentencas automaticamente, representando suas estruturas sob a forma de arvores.
It begins by parsing the sequence remaining after the first phase by the base parsers into the initial sentence tree, Fig.
Once I had installed the parser, the next step was to test it and the code for calling the files and sending them to the parser with a set of functional XML and XSL files.
To process XML documents, applications must have XML parsers integrated within them.
It generates application-specific parsers that are five to fifty times faster than generic parsers and require 60 to 90% less memory," said Darius Blasband, Managing Director of RainCode.
XML parsers read schema files and use their information to encode and decode data records.
Also, several LR parser generators are readily available, most notably Yacc [Johnson 1975] which creates LALR parsers.
Oracle Corp has added XML parsers for C and C++, enabling developers to access data from programs written in these languages and stored in Oracle 8 databases for use in other applications.
For most grammars (certainly for the ones statistical parsers typically deal with), this is not the case.
Adds Michiel Ligthart, Verific's chief operating officer: "Startups such as Elastix well understand the need to stay focused on their core competencies which is why they turn to Verific for proven datastructures and netlist parsers.
The new version expands dtSearch's proprietary file parsers and converters.
Broad coverage statistical dependency parsers are available and easily portable to new languages.
Pre-designed filters, parsers, scripts and processors automate email processing at speed.