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(Christian theology) the reappearance of Jesus as judge for the Last Judgment

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17) Interpreting the Paulian kairos, Heidegger has come to the conclcusion that parousia signifies the fulfilment of time that opens itself up for those Christians who live kairotically in their factic way of life.
In the Greco-Roman world, a parousia was a celebration of the arrival of someone of distinction.
On the jouissance of the abject, Mark Taylor talks about Kristeva's reading of apocalypse in Celine as the opposite of the Hegelian telos--the presence of absolute knowledge: "Here apocalypse is not the parousia but its impossibility" (181).
Therefore, they still live in the last days, charged with the urgency of fulfilling their mission to the world before the parousia.
51) While Derrida's trace, summarized by Agamben as "the impossibility of a sign to be extinguished in the fullness of a present and absolute presence," (52) to some extent recalls the inexhaustible division of the remnant that is forever exceeding presence, the trace flattens time, obliterating its parousia, and further renders impossible the fulfilment of pleroma.
Marti and Che alluded to such temporality not as the advent of a Second Coming of the messiah, but as the parousia of liberty whose temporality is political, of organization, of meetings, of conflict, of confusion, of mobilizations.
Nor is this so only for recondite matters such as the timing of the parousia.
For both Grenz and Balthasar, ecclesial ecumenism, though it must be pursued in our time, can only be realized fully at the parousia in the eschaton.
As a fundamental starting point, part of the popularly described New Testament rapture theology underscores a common belief that humankind will ascend into the heavens to be with God at the parousia.
However, the author fails to distinguish adequately between the early Pauline letters and the Deutero-Pauline epistles, and fails to indicate the shift in that literature regarding celibacy, associated with the eschatological shift from the notion of immediately impending parousia and the delayed parousia as it applies to the matter of Pauline emphasis upon celibacy.
Resonating the same theme of the "not yet" as a negative statement on the Second Coming, he adds the necessity of having a positive content to the parousia by emphasizing the in-breaking of the reign of God into history.
They examine ascension, Pentecost, and parousia, and present discussion in each chapter on issues such as the move from Jesus to the church, schism and the rise of denominations, sacramental mediation, the question of other religions, and contemporary ecumenical questions.
18) Swinburne maintains that Jesus taught that the present world-order would come to an end with the Parousia.
The person who dies steps into the presence of the Last Day and of judgment, the Lord's resurrection and parousia.
This is true in part because various conservative thinkers interpret these principles from contrasting and sometimes contentious perspectives, and their differences will not be definitively resolved before the Parousia.