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the officer of the court who supervises probationers

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This is good set-up for a movie: a parolee who wants to go straight and a parole officer who needs to walk on the wild side.
SB 1057, the parole bill, was covered in a single sentence: "For most crimes the bill triples the maximum period a person released from state prison can be placed on parole and subjected to conditions of parole and supervision by a parole officer.
Toe Operation Spotlight philosophy is not new to Robinson, a former corrections officer now working as a parole officer supervising 90 parolees.
When the board granted release, it set terms that parole officers administered.
Coogan was co-writer of the movie and stars as nerdy, inept parole officer Simon Garden, who has managed to persuade only three out of 1,000 clients to go straight.
By the way, the parole officer who recommended in Peltier's favor has since lost his position with the U.
Within a few of weeks after my release from prison, my parole officer granted me permission to travel to South Dakota, unsupervised, for two weeks, so that I could participate in the Sun Dance, a religious ceremony.
After [this fair], we decided there is a definite need, so we are going to do another one," Douglasville Chief Parole Officer Craig Cazier said.
18, Eastman failed to report to his parole officer for a scheduled office visit, and failed to return to his approved residence, the county said.
As a parolee, Garrido wore a GPSlinked ankle bracelet that tracked his every movement, met his parole officer several times each month and was subject to routine surprise home visits and random drug and alcohol tests.
If they stray, an alarm goes off that goes to their parole officer.
He was serving a life sentence for manslaughter and was on full parole when he was charged with the murder of CSC Community Parole Officer Louise Pargeter who died in Whitehorse, YT on October 6, 2004.
A CRAZED former convict chopped up his parole officer as a birthday gift to himself.
They prohibit behavior that poses both a danger to the public and to the parolee's completion of the term of parole, as well as provide a mechanism for the parole officer to guide the parolee back into society.
Last autumn he filmed part of his first starring role feature film The Parole Officer in the city.