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the officer of the court who supervises probationers

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It would spoil things to say what the film's final observation on the hard-ass parole officer is, but there is one.
As I will show, back-end sentencing was understood from the beginning as a key feature of California's new parole policy, both by parole officers themselves and by lawmakers.
Now a "reentry case manager," she spends her days talking to potential landlords and employers, substance abuse counselors, parole officers, police, and community leaders on behalf of her 50 prisoners and parolees-including Jeannette Brown.
Toe Operation Spotlight philosophy is not new to Robinson, a former corrections officer now working as a parole officer supervising 90 parolees.
When the board granted release, it set terms that parole officers administered.
Coogan was co-writer of the movie and stars as nerdy, inept parole officer Simon Garden, who has managed to persuade only three out of 1,000 clients to go straight.
Coogan's bigscreen parole officer, though less arrogant, is largely cast in the same mold and relies on the actor's particular brand of slightly goofy comedy, rather like a distant cousin of Mr.
By the way, the parole officer who recommended in Peltier's favor has since lost his position with the U.
My parole officer allowed me to speak at other conferences as well, including, for example, a statewide gathering of Indian organizations at the Ohio University at Columbus in October 1992.
Piper had asked Polly to inform Alex's parole officer about her plans to skip the town.
18, Eastman failed to report to his parole officer for a scheduled office visit, and failed to return to his approved residence, the county said.
As a parolee, Garrido wore a GPSlinked ankle bracelet that tracked his every movement, met his parole officer several times each month and was subject to routine surprise home visits and random drug and alcohol tests.
If they stray, an alarm goes off that goes to their parole officer.
He was serving a life sentence for manslaughter and was on full parole when he was charged with the murder of CSC Community Parole Officer Louise Pargeter who died in Whitehorse, YT on October 6, 2004.
A CRAZED former convict chopped up his parole officer as a birthday gift to himself.