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a river in northeastern Brazil that flows generally northward to the Atlantic Ocean

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That is how Humberto started as an apprentice at a tailor shop, in the city of Parnaiba, where he worked until his well-to-do paternal uncles suggested that he went back to school, while also working as a clerk for one of them.
The association of these elements forms the contact between the geomorphologic domains of the Middle Tocantins Depression and Alto Parnaiba Chapada with rocks of the sedimentary basins.
Como ejemplo axiomatico de esta coyuntura aparece la Unidad de Conservacion (UC) Area de Proteccion Ambiental (APA) del Delta de Parnaiba, localizada en Piaui, teniendo en cuenta que no posee programas para evaluar y monitorear las visitas.
Based on the results of this project, PGN has retained the consortium to deliver master planning services for future developments in the Parnaiba Basin.
In Brazil, Fluor Corporation's Brazil unit was part of a consortium awarded a contract by Parnaiba Gas Natural (PGN) for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of a natural gas field development project in the state of Maranhao.
O municipio de Parnaiba esta situado na area litoranea piauiense, juntamente com outros tres municipios: Ilha Grande, Luiz Correia e Cajueiro da Praia (IBGE, 2010).
com)-- Parnaiba in Northeast Brazil is to become a destination for high-end ecotourism, thanks to the development of a luxury residential resort and eco hotel.
Simulium guianense is reported here for the first time in the states of Piaui and Ceara, in the Parnaiba River hydrographic basin (Table 1).
The study was conducted in the region of coastal tablelands of Piaui (03[degrees]05'S 41[degrees]47'W), between the years 2011 and 2012, municipality of Parnaiba, Piaui, northeastern Brazil (Fig.
Neste sentido, o proposito principal desse trabalho foi o de analisar a ocorrencia de tendencia em series temporais de dados hidro-climaticos medidos em locais distribuidos pela bacia do rio Parnaiba.
Imetame owns oil and gas exploration assets in the Reconcavo, Parnaiba and Sao Francisco basins and has recently won contracts for seven new blocks in the Potiguar basin, the Sergipe Alagoas basin and the Reconcavo basin due to be signed in August this year.
Em 2000, de acordo com o Censo, os 10% mais ricos do municipio ganhavam 66 vezes mais que os 40% mais pobres (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica--IBGE, 2008; Santana de Parnaiba, 2006; Programa das Nacoes Unidas para o Desenvolvimento--PNUD, 2003).
A certa altura, Jose vai ate a pequena cidade de Parnaiba em busca do passado paterno.
The Baixo Parnaiba HPP complex, formed by the 63-MW Cachoeira, the 64-MW Castelhano and the 56-MW Estreito Parnaiba units, will take part in the auction as well, according to the publication on Aneel's website.