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Synonyms for Parliamentarian

an elected member of the British Parliament: a member of the House of Commons

an expert in parliamentary rules and procedures

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Former Parliamentarian Sajin de Vass Gunawardena was granted bail after the indictments were served.
Parliament of Sri Lanka together with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is hosting parliamentarians from across South Asia to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of the Child.
LAHORE -- Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) rubbished news reports regarding party parliamentarians meeting Prime Minister Imran Khan to express solidarity with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government.
Islamabad -- The Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser has said that the former parliamentarians are the asset which can be utilized for socio-economic development of the country.
This paper employs CDA approach to analyze the discursive practice of using inclusive and exclusive Urdu plural personal pronouns ham (we) and hamain (us) by the Pakistani Parliamentarians for showing association and disassociation, and see how they use these pronouns for including and excluding their fellow Parliamentarians in their in-group or out group participating the third joint session (September 2, 2014 to September 19, 2014).
The Outstanding Parliamentarian Award was established in 1995.
Parliamentarians from various South Asian countries attended a regional meeting, hosted by UNICEF, to discuss the prospects for further investment in early childhood and adolescent years.
A group of UNP Parliamentarians have decided to bring a no-confidence motion (NCM) against the SLFP Ministers and MPs who voted in favour of the NCM against the Prime Minister.
Under the resolution authorizing the hiring of a parliamentarian, the board must select someone "without regard to political affiliation and solely on the basis of fitness to perform the duties of the position." Parliamentarians are experts on meeting rules and enforce decorum, such as having only one speaker at a time and keeping personal confrontations at bay.
Those Ata Jurt parliamentarians, who will enter majority coalition, will be expelled from the party, former Ata Jurt parliamentarian Kamchibek Tashiyev said in an interview with a local television channel in Jalal-Abad on March 28.
--In support of the legislative role of parliamentarians, the Library's research service offers a suite of services to enhance a parliamentarian's fluency with the content of legislation being considered by Parliament.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Parliament Speaker Usama Nujaifi will head an Iraqi Parliamentarian delegation to Turkey in an official visit.
Wendy Davis' almost 11-hour filibuster Tuesday night, observers in the gallery and across the world saw Senate parliamentarian Karina Davis on the dais, whispering to the presiding officer throughout the evening.
Rehan, an employee of a multinational company, also favoured the degree condition and said if a parliamentarian had not studied the constitution of the history of the country then he would not be able to debate on the critical issues.
Scores of people were killed or wounded in a suicide attack on a group of legislators in northern Afghanistan on Tuesday, according to officials and a parliamentarian who survived the attack.
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