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a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system characterized by tremor and impaired muscular coordination

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Mahowald, "Delayed emergence of a parkinsonian disorder or dementia in 81% of older men initially diagnosed with idiopathic rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder: a 16-year update on a previously reported series," Sleep Medicine, vol.
The application of this tool may extend to patients with other disorders that affect nighttime mobility, such as atypical parkinsonian disorders [48].
PSP is one of a group of illnesses called Parkinson plus syndromes or atypical parkinsonian disorders. Wenning, Litvan, and Tolosa (2011) clarify that atypical parkinsonian disorders refer to the following neurodegenerative illnesses: multiple system atrophy, dementia with Lewy bodies, PSP, and corticobasal degeneration.
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Cases relate to Parkinson's disease and other Parkinsonian disorders, tremors, chorea, dystonia, ataxia, tics and stereotypies, myoclonus and startle syndromes, and psychogenic movement disorder presentations.
Patients with MSA often exhibit a combination of extrapyramidal, cerebellar, pyramidal, and autonomic dysfunction signs, many of which can also be seen in other Parkinsonian disorders. The presence of visual hallucinations, unrelated to medication, however, are rare in MSA and their presence can often exclude MSA as a possible diagnosis.
This review describes the clinical characteristics of PD with emphasis on those features that differentiate the disease from other parkinsonian disorders. METHODS: A MedLine search was performed to identify studies that assess the clinical characteristics of PD.