Parkinson's syndrome

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a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system characterized by tremor and impaired muscular coordination

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A clinical clue of the presence of Parkinson's Syndrome is the lack of response to levodopa early in the disease.
Evaluation of vascular risk factors in patients with Parkinson's syndrome. Nervenarzt 1997;68:967-71.
He was asked if he has any fears about finishing his fighting career in the same fashion as Ali, who is described as having Parkinson's Syndrome because he shakes and stutters.
(*1) Many patients and their family members now prefer to call the condition "Parkinson's syndrome" or simply "Parkinson's."
Today Ali suffers from Parkinson's syndrome and has difficulty talking and moving, although his brain still seems as sharp as when he was predicting the rounds of his triumphs in rhyme.
Each of the sixteen stories deals with a specific disease (for example, porphyria, progeria, Parkinson's syndrome, AIDS).
He retired in 1991 after an extraordinary career buy, despite developing Parkinson's syndrome soon afterwards, carried on his considerable philanthropy and humanitarian work.
He died on Friday at the age of 74 after suffering for more than three decades with Parkinson's syndrome, which stole his physical grace and killed his loquaciousness.
'The Greatest' won the hearts of the world during a career which spanned more than 20 years, and even more so afterwards as he continues to suffer from Parkinson's syndrome with dignity.
Ravaged by Parkinson's Syndrome, an enfeebled Ali tottered through the opening ceremony, putting a light to the Olympic flame with a shaking hand.
The punishment meted out to Ali, through the three fights, caught up in the form of Parkinson's Syndrome. The visage that was rock solid and filled with pride today cannot stop itself from shaking uncontrollably.
A large number of patients go for orthopaedic (spine scoliosis, total hip replacement, and knee replacement), neurosurgery (brain tumours, wolf Parkinson's syndrome, nerve disease, cerebral palsy, etc.), cancer treatment (surgical treatment of cancer tumours, chemotherapy and radio therapy, bone marrow transplant, etc.), ophthalmology (laser surgery, retinal detachment, squint correction, etc.), cardiac (all kind of cardiac surgeries), PTCA (electro physiological studies), and rehabilitation cosmetic surgeries and treatment.
* Complaints in 2005 more frequently expressed public health concerns referencing recent scientific evidence linking excess manganese exposure with Parkinson's syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and other ailments.
The former heavyweight champion revealed he has now made his peace with the ailing Ali, who suffers from Parkinson's Syndrome.
Who, you might ask, would be willing to put on the gloves against a 58-year-old suffering from Parkinson's Syndrome? Please.