Parkinson's syndrome

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a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system characterized by tremor and impaired muscular coordination

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A clinical clue of the presence of Parkinson's Syndrome is the lack of response to levodopa early in the disease.
Ali was suffering from both a destructive medication and the early stages of Parkinson's syndrome.
Each of the sixteen stories deals with a specific disease (for example, porphyria, progeria, Parkinson's syndrome, AIDS).
The market is expected to be driven during the period 2010-2017 by the large patient pool suffering from neurological disorders such as epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, migraine, Parkinson's syndrome, and chronic pain.
Ali had long suffered from Parkinson's syndrome, which impaired his speech and made the once-graceful athlete almost a prisoner in his own body.
A large number of patients go for orthopaedic (spine scoliosis, total hip replacement, and knee replacement), neurosurgery (brain tumours, wolf Parkinson's syndrome, nerve disease, cerebral palsy, etc.
Though it saddens me to see him diminished so painfully by Parkinson's Syndrome, it is enough that he is here, that he made the effort to visit a country, in all probability for the final time, that loved him more than most.
It reminds me a bit of the boxer Mohammad Ali suffering from Parkinson's Syndrome.
Arguably the greatest boxer of all time, mighty Mohammed Ali, now suffers from Parkinson's syndrome.
The Centennial students, not all of whom were born when Ali last fought, studied his life - and his debilitating condition, Parkinson's syndrome - in preparation for his visit.
A doctor suffering from Parkinson's syndrome was shown walking much more erectly and confidently after sessions on the AT101 and a man with severe cardiac disease was filmed briskly walking up his parking-garage ramp, a walk that had required three rest stops prior to his experience on the AT101.
Yet that magical youth still stirs within the prison of a body stiffened and diminished by what was called Parkinson's syndrome and variously attributed to chemical fumes and too many punches.