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space in which vehicles can be parked

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the act of maneuvering a vehicle into a location where it can be left temporarily

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For establishments which will be allowed to impose parking fees, they will be subject to a number of conditions, such as a maximum charge of P100 for eight hours and P10 for each succeeding hour.
'The reduction in parking fees from Sh300 to Sh200 for street parking was the cornerstone of the amendments last year and the results saw drastic reduction of revenue collection from daily parking.
Agrees to end parking fee in Saddar, charge traders for bigger signboards
DG MDA Tanvir Iqbal has directed action against collection of parking fee outside commercial centres, wedding halls and shopping centres in the jurisdiction of MDA and said that provision of complementary parking facility to their costumers is obligatory for such centres.
I was surprised as parking fee was usually not charged at that hour.
Finance executive Mariam Mbaruk said the automation of parking fees collection will promote efficiency and stanch revenue leaks."Following the full automation of parking fees services, Mombasa County citizens will henceforth no longer be required to make cash payments for parking fees.
"The collectors of the parking fees are wearing blue and black t-shirts.
The area has been earmarked as an 'A' zone, meaning the parking fee is Dh4 per hour and charges are applicable from 8:00am up to 10:00pm from Saturday to Thursday except on official holidays.
The head of subcommittee said that there should be no parking fee at airport unless a proper travelling service like shuttle or train for general public is provided.
Samdrup Jongkhar thromde authorities had earlier introduced parking fee system in town but withdrawn it because residents were disgruntled over it.
The committee at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has increased the parking fees. The parking fee for the first four hours has been fixed at QR3 per hour.
The move has come after the Telangana government issued an order to regulate the parking fee charged by commercial establishments in all urban areas of the state, including Hyderabad.
The parking fee for the first half an hour will be 500bz, going up to RO2 for an hour.
In July 2016, DBKL raised the parking fee in the central business district (CBD) from 80 sen an hour to RM1.50 for the first hour and RM2.50 for the second hour.
According to the notice issued by the civic body, a hefty parking fee is being collected by malls and hospitals which should, according to the rules, be free of charge.