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policewoman who is assigned to write parking tickets

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"A parking enforcement officer put a fixed penalty ticket on the windscreen.
A firm that operates sites around Stockton, Hartlepool, and Durham is looking for a female parking enforcement officer.
But a council spokeswoman said: "It is simply illegal to issue a parking ticket based upon a photograph that hasn't been provided by a parking enforcement officer."
The Leavenworth Times said Kitchens noted that none of the other GEM users consulted prior to the department's purchase complained of similar problems, which some department officials feel may have been due to the parking enforcement officer operating the vehicle.
Council parking enforcement officer Paul McCarthy said: "There would be very high demand for parking in these streets.
50/2016 and ss.Mm.Ii .: - the pay for the parking service management and in parking areas without custody charges, through the installation of parking meters in public areas set out below in article 3; - violations of the control and verification service to the cds in the areas destined to stop payment, through the use of parking enforcement officer; - the provision, realization and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of road signs (vertical and horizontal), concerning the management of the service.
The officers believe a mobile CCTV unit would deter offenders because they would "understand that there is a likelihood of them receiving a PCN (penalty charge notice), even if there is no civil parking enforcement officer patrolling on foot in the area".
WATCHING: A parking enforcement officer monitoring bus lane CCTV cameras in Liverpool city centre
Paul McCarthy, a Dublin city parking enforcement officer, said: "We have launched an investigation into the incident and it is something that should never have been allowed to happen.
PARKING ENFORCEMENT OFFICER (Dublin): Traffic wardens tired of tramping the same old street in Britain might be interested in parking themselves in the Emerald Isle for three years.
A Cardiff council spokesman said: "The council has seen the video and the parking enforcement officer in question has been removed from on-street duties until further notice.
However, this morning, only one of the 17 allocated spaces had been left free for use by patients or visitors with a disability which is clearly not acceptable." A Gwynedd Council spokesman said: "Following concerns raised by BCUHB, a council parking enforcement officer visited Ysbyty Gwynedd on Thursday.
Eugene's "parking meter fairy" was acquitted Thursday on a charge of obstructing a city parking enforcement officer.
A parking enforcement officer demonstrates how the cameras are used
The term PEO shall henceforth refer to Parking Enforcement Officer. For the purpose of this RFP and the anticipated Agreement, "Police Department" or CCPD means the Culver City Police Department, and "services" means the provision, installation, and support of a complete ECS solution as described in this RFP.