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a local church community

the local subdivision of a diocese committed to one pastor

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Smaller parishes are more likely than larger parishes to be closed or consolidated," the study said.
The website features an interactive map of mission parishes where visitors can read more about the conditions and challenges facing these faith communities that need outside assistance to survive.
Throughout the history of this country, dioceses and parishes have been organized under civil law in a variety of ways.
John the Evangelist said not much has been done yet on combining the parishes, since the announcement was just made and parishioners are being notified.
Clark looks at spiritual ownership of local parishes.
Whether parishes choose to build parochial schools is up to them, but again it's financially daunting.
Parishes were given until March 31 to submit their responses to the DMRT.
Clergy congregation officials "are supporting our procedures to close the parishes and they've said we've done the consultations correctly.
All church agencies, including chanceries, parishes, schools, etc.
Clerics' main charge was that frequent transfer prevented a bishop from immersing himself in the special problems of the local clergy in his diocese; either from disinterest or resignation, he did not take it upon himself to inspect parishes at the grass-roots level through visitations, as his predecessors in Muscovite times had done--complained parish priests.
Elsewhere across Canada, this same hospitality is being extended by some Anglican parishes, which have been transformed into multicultural, multi-ethnic churches.
That sense of humor has endeared him over the years as an associate pastor at parishes in Gardena, La Puente, Pomona and Altadena.
Many parishes have literally thrown Mother out of the house.
Situated along the Y-shape formed by the Mississippi and Red Rivers, parishes such as Pointe Coupee, Iberville, St.