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The result is to effectively combine the two baskets under which the company is permitted to incur additional pari-passu obligations, with the amount of permitted pari-passu obligations limited to USD500m, including the existing notes, but to permit all such indebtedness to have the same maturity as the notes, including through the issuance of additional notes.
The whole loan comprises three pari-passu A-notes, of which only the A-3 note is included in this transaction.
The company said that the purpose of the consent solicitation is to amend the indenture to revise the definition of 'Contribution Debt' to permit the company to incur, as a result of its prior issuance of convertible preferred stock, up to USD150m of additional indebtedness that has the same maturity and is secured equally and ratably with the existing notes as contribution debt, while eliminating the ability of the company to incur any further pari-passu obligations as 'permitted debt' under clause (b)(1) of the limitation on debt and disqualified stock covenant of the indenture.
The whole loan is split into three, pari-passu A-notes; the A-1 and A-2 notes of this loan have been contributed to this transaction.
Only the A-1 note is included in the trust; the pari-passu A-2 and A-3 notes and a subordinate B-note are located outside the trust.
The whole loan comprises six pari-passu A-notes, of which the A-2 and A-3 notes are included in this transaction.
The whole loan consists of three pari-passu A-notes, of which A-3 is contributed to this transaction.