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Synonyms for parget

plaster used to coat outer walls and line chimneys

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apply ornamental plaster to

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The first part of Parge's book briefly reviews Goldhagen's thesis, finding it not so much wrong as incomplete.
Instead, Parge believes, a complete explanation of the Holocaust would have to meet no less than four separate criteria: In the first place, such an explanation would have to recognize the responsibility of the perpetrators.
To better understand the pathology of that society, Parge devotes the remainder of her book to a reconsideration of early sociological studies focusing on the role of authoritarianism in Nazi Germany.
However, Parge argues, none of these early trailblazers was able to link individual pathology to the larger socio-economic structure of the terrorist state.
Tawt, which began "more as a lifestyle than a band," has been going since 2002, when Brendan, Parge and Tom Adams used to live and jam together.
Songs are written mainly by either Parge, Tom or Brendan - with fleshing out from the other two - and influences date back as far as the 1920s.
Parge says: "We usually write alone, but sometimes together.
PARGE, 28, plays mostly bass, guitar, and does vocals.
Tenders are invited for Housing rehab includes: interior/exterior containment, lead specific cleaning, remove existing roofing material and install new, repair sheathing, install new gutters and downspouts, parge chimney rear of home, replace exterior door including storm, replace porch flooring w/5/4" treated decking, patch plaster.
From poured mixes with NewCem recycled slag, to lightweight aerated autoclaved block, to flowable fills, to recycled-content parges and stuccos, new concrete reduces the amount of ozone-depleting limestone, acts as thermal insulation, breathes, takes color better, and is stronger than the conventional stuff.