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Following Parfit we can say that it gives the same ultimate aim to all agents--the aim that there are no preventive killings.
In a series of brilliant papers centred upon questions of self-identity, Parfit sought to undermine the commonly held idea that we are wholly distinct, boundaried and separate individuals (Parfit, 1971a, 1971b, 1982).
Parfit says that "it would often be hard to decide which are the acts that people have a right to veto" (ibid.
Se debaten las propuestas de Gauthier, Brink Parfit respecto a las posibilidades de actuacion efectivamente imparcial y altruista en este tipo de procesos, a pesar de considerarlas insatisfactorias.
6) Derek Parfit, "Reasons and Motivation," Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Vol.
2011), "How I Am Not a Kantian," in Parfit, Derek, On What Matters.
For example, a case is made (by Derek Parfit and others) that when the benefits are those of consumption, as in the preservation of a park, the benefits involve no opportunity cost.
Contrariwise, Derek Parfit, John Broome (Ethics out), and others have worried that if we take a person's life to be better for her than non-existence, then we would have to conclude that it would have been worse for her if she did not exist, which is absurd: Nothing would have been worse or better for a person if she had not existed.
He is the modern equivalent of Chaucer's parfit gentil knight - quietly spoken and slow and deliberate in his speech.
Parfit (1) construye un argumento para refutar la tesis de que si una persona tiene una experiencia, esa misma experiencia (numericamente identica) no podria haber sido la experiencia de otra persona.
Thus, Parfit uses destructive criticisms of the notion of personal identity to undermine egoism and support his own consequentialist views about ethics (307-347).
As a disclosure of my overall stance, let me say that I agree with Derek Parfit (1995) that many of the problem cases surrounding personal identity, including some of the cases I discuss here, are merely decision problems in the sense that their primary impact is in exposing personal judgments about whether two entities (at different times, let us suppose) deserve to be regarded as the same person.
You are the picture of a parfit gentil knight, Master Talbot,' she said.
She reminds Parfit that the state would probably have to force women to churn out one child after another.