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a company with controlling shares in other companies

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It could also arise when a subsidiary purchases the stock of the parent corporation from a third-party or from the parent.
The parent corporation does not completely dominate operations of the subsidiary to advance only the parent's interests.
The court held, inter alia, that because the plaintiff did not present sufficient evidence to satisfy the substantial relationship test of successive representation in this case, it was not required to reach or decide questions regarding which of several tests should be applied to determine whether the hospital should be treated as a former client of the attorney, albeit that the hospital's parent corporation was, in fact, a former client of the attorney.
One has to ask why the parent corporation doesn't use some of its surplus cash that is otherwise distributed as dividends to help with Entergy New Orleans.
After testing is complete, the product is shipped back to the parent corporation as soon as practicable.
Because an LLC with a single owner (the parent corporation in this case) is not a new company in the eyes of the IRS, but rather is a "disregarded entity"--so called because it is "disregarded" as a separate company.
At that point (the use of a foreign soft currency to purchase locally manufactured goods for export), the parent corporation has ownership of goods purchased for resale, as compensation for the original goods sold.
Persons not obviously connected to the risk, such as real estate brokers, lenders, parent corporations, purchasers in asset deals, passive lessors and lessees, insurance companies, and officers or other responsible corporate personnel, may be liable as "owners" or "operators" under the statute.
In a Texas Comptroller's Decision, an Administrative Law Judge determined that a taxpayer could not reduce its surplus by the amount of pushed-down debt because GAAP did not require the taxpayer's parent corporation to push down the debt and the Texas statute appears to only permit reduction of a taxpayer's surplus by debt belonging to the taxpayer in question, not by debt that belongs to the parent corporation of the taxpayer.
For example, assume a foreign parent corporation owns 100 foreign subsidiaries, only 1 of which owns a U.
Established as a new corporate entity, FunBrandz will serve as the parent corporation for award-winning DVD and board game companies Specialty Board Games (SBG), b EQUAL, and Rumba Games, the companies responsible for creating games for the biggest licenses in the world such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, DreamWorks Animation, World Wrestling Entertainment[R] (WWE[R]) and NASCAR.
parent corporation borrows from its foreign affiliates at the end of each quarter to pay down external debt.
00 in cash without interest (other than shares of RMI's common stock held by RMI Minnesota's parent corporation and by RMI's stockholders who have perfected their appraisal rights under Delaware law, if any).
A similar issue involves deferred intercompany transactions (DITs; referred to only as intercompany transactions in the new regulations) between the electing parent corporation (or any member of the consolidated group) and the potential qualified subsidiary.
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