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a company with controlling shares in other companies

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The decision in this appeal may be a salvation to all parent companies.
Some courts held parent companies liable if they actively participated in and exercised control over their subsidiary's business.
claimed that the parent companies conducted inadequate research on silicone that was relayed to Dow Corning and resulted in the marketing of a dangerous product.
Investment activities of American Maturity are to be concentrated in the fixed-income sector, where both parent companies maintain considerable expertise.
Observation: One question that begs an answer, and to which at present there is none, is whether "keep well" agreements (which are moral - but not legally enforceable - obligations by parent companies to make sure subsidiaries pay their debts) qualify as guaranteed debt.
The exchange ratio 1:1 is based on detailed analyses of historical differences in the market values of the Parent Companies as well as the underlying differences in value among the Parent Companies, in which present differences in liquid assets and expected future tax payments were considered.
Fitch has expanded the report to include comparative financial ratios for diversified utility parent companies and gas companies, as well as for electric utilities.
The court's ruling upheld the students' right to remain together and proceed in their lawsuit against the school and its parent companies.
The law suit against the Art Institute of Houston and its parent companies charges that the school knowingly mislead these pupils to believe they were receiving a valuable post-secondary education as well as skills which would lead to subsequent employment.
It is anticipated that the merger of the parent companies will take place late in the third or early in fourth quarter of 1999.