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Synonyms for hatchback

a car having a hatchback door

a sloping rear car door that is lifted to open

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7-metre wide dimensions with room for five adults and a large 250-litre boot - which grows to 650 litres when the parcel shelf is out or 2,500 litres with the rear seats removed.
Otherwise there's 440-litres under the parcel shelf with the rear seats slid forward.
A MAN has been fined for dumping fascia boards, a garden table and a car parcel shelf on land in County Durham.
There's even a bit more luggage space on offer with a capacity of 260 litres to the parcel shelf and 350 litres when stacked to the roof.
A fuel-cell unit will be available under the front seats, a hydrogen tank beneath the rear seats and another tank under the rear parcel shelf.
Another practical innovation is the new parcel shelf, the solid unit of the outgoing model being replaced by a fabric cover which lies flat against the inside of the hatchback glass when the boot is open.
Five of the vehicles had the removable fascia on the car stereo stolen, while one vehicle had the rear parcel shelf taken.
Patrick went over to the car to look at a beautiful white cat sitting on the rear parcel shelf.
Boot space will obviously depend on the configuration of the seats but is generally generous, ranging from 758 litres to 823 litres under the parcel shelf with the third row of seats folded away.
The top trim sports a wooden finish centre console and host of other features like power windows, keyless entry, Bluetooth enabled music system and USB port, 4 spoke collapsible steering wheel, tachometer, rear parcel shelf, 60:40 rear seating, front and rear fog lamps.
Removing the parcel shelf from vehicles can show the opportunist thief that there's nothing inside to steal.
I had to leg it back 100 yards to pick my parcel shelf up.
Rear storage space is 500 litres under the parcel shelf, rising to 1,506 litres with the rear bench down.
It was an estate car but there was a parcel shelf which means the little girl was enclosed and out of sight.
The hatch door was open and they were fiddling with items on the parcel shelf.