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the capital and largest city and major port of Surinam

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Glancing around briefly at young Maroon men filling their crafts with barrels of gasoline and crates of Parbo beer while women and children rested and cooked among hammocks strung beneath an awning or purchased groceries inside the large store where an older Chinese woman stuck her head out to look at me before reporting back to her comrades, I told him that I did indeed like Suriname.
This is despite the fact that some prominent BCA members were also involved with think-tanks (for example, Hugh Morgan, Arvi Parbo, Will Bailey, Peter Ritchie) and despite neo-liberal activists John Freebairn and Tim Duncan working briefly for the Council.
TV2/Danmark managing director Peter Parbo calls Sputnik a "groundbreaking project that will pave the way for how media is used in the future.
In Parbo I called at their office and asked to see the director.
Sara Lee, for example, has added an Australian, Sir Arvi Parbo, chairman of Western Mining Corporation Holdings Ltd., to reflect its growing business in that region.
Canarc has discovered three large, high grade gold soil anomalies - Breakfast, Parbo and Parrot - on the Kaka grid of Sara Kreek.