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Montz bills himself as the only full-time field parapsychologist left.
She is tested by parapsychologists as having a 98 percent accuracy level.
A REPORTED case of reincarnation leads Dr Douglas Monaghan and his team of parapsychologists to the arid Lebanon.
Dr Stevens, one of only six parapsychologists in the world who has a background in physics, says that his subjects talk about things that are relevant to what their partners see on screen.
Her psychiatrist refuses to believe her until a team of university parapsychologists manages to capture the phantom.
Ghostbusters" -- Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis star as a maniacal band of parapsychologists who set up shop as "Ghostbusters" in order to rid Manhattan of bizarre apparitions.
This is not only to provide a pathway for the training of the next generation of parapsychologists but also to better educate their "mainstream" peers.
Conversations With Ghosts by Alex Tanous and Callum Cooper is a short compilation of chapters, photos, interviews, and stories all centered around the somewhat legendary figure of Alex Tanous, best known to parapsychologists for his work with Karl Osis at the ASPR in New York during the 1970s and 1980s.
I fear that Kelly's reading will feed the suspicion of some in the mainstream that parapsychologists are covertly religious believers seeking to impose their perspective on the world.
We parapsychologists confront one of the greatest problems of human nature: Is psi an ontological dimension (related to being), and as a consequence, still basically unexplored?
However, here too, it was interesting to note that Mack's (2005) chapter on "Approaching Extraordinary Experiences in the Mental Health Field" in Mijares and Khalsa's book The Psychospiritual Clinicians Handbook: Alternative Methods for Understanding and Treating Mental Disorders was not referenced, nor was Benor's (2007) Reaching Higher and Deeper: Workbook for Healing Research, Volume 3--Personal Spirituality: Science, Spirit and the Eternal Soul A cross-pollination of these authors' ideas on exceptional experiences and mental health together with the chapter authors' ideas and explanations of EHEs and mental health in Part Two would have been fruitful in expanding the work of clinical parapsychologists and clinical psychologists treating clients with EHEs.