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a slip-up that (according to Sigmund Freud) results from the operation of unconscious wishes or conflicts and can reveal unconscious processes in normal healthy individuals

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Unconscious desires find their most overt expression in researchers' dreams, fantasies, and parapraxes, but they "can also be disguised more subtly beneath what appears to be rational instrumental action" such as our choice of research topics, methodologies, and how we analyze data (30-32).' In addition, "the unconscious meanings which mediate everyday life are linked to ...
The contents of dreams, parapraxes, improvisatory wit, jokes, and puns result, then, from the operations of Phantasie in throwing up material images from the pit of imagination in a way that is momentarily free from rational control.
Having presented the two perspective of analyzing slips of the tongues as spoonerisms, seen as speech errors caused by a disfunction in the mechanisms of the articulatory process and as parapraxes or Freudian slips, seen as outward manifestations of repressed sub-conscious thoughts, we cannot but validate their linguistic and psycho-analytical readings and integrate them in a unified angle.
But each story incorporates Canal's awareness of parapraxes, which not only contribute to the solution of the enigma but also bring psychoanalytic depth to the various characters who inhabit the stories, whether members of the investigating team or those investigated.
Boesky (1969) added a curious twist to this theme: "The reversal of deja raconte consists of a patient saying: 'There is something I've never told you before ...,' when in fact this particular information has already been reported." Because of the reversal, this now becomes another example of cryptomnesia (and belongs to the jamais class of parapraxes).
(17) For Lacan, it is desire, always unconscious desire, which creates those anachronisms so apparent in our daily lives, named, since Freud, parapraxes: the slips, the accidents, our unaccountable failures to achieve what is within our grasp, or our equally mysterious inability to prevent the preventable disasters.
Parapraxes are mis-sayings capable of a vast affective range from rage to humor.
To do this, Scott Lee seizes on what he calls moments of "cinematic parapraxes" that point to a "postcolonial aesthetic." Scott Lee turns to the flashback of the Klan's raid on Malcolm's home and the moonlit sheeted silhouettes as the most "shockingly gorgeous" shot in the film.
through parapraxes, or slips of the tongue, what speaks
(43) Durling and Martinez find two parapraxes in that chapter, where Dante answers the question: why has he written of Love as though it was a person when it is not?
In the online environment, metacommunications may be conveyed by a correspondents choice of words, response time, choice of font size, use of computer icons, and, at a less conscious level, a variety of parapraxes. To date, measures used to analyze electronically medicated communications have been largely quantitative, such as tracking duration of communications and number of messages transmitted.