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paralysis of the lower half of the body (most often as a result of trauma)

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Comprehensive restoration service for the national paraplegics hospital of toledo-61035200to18ser00015.
At the time, paraplegics were simply kept as comfortable as possible until their inevitable passing.
Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides on Friday decided to meet the demands of the Cyprus Paraplegic Organisation, such as the introduction of new arrangements regarding the employment of foreign domestic workers and accessibility to electoral booths.
London, Apr 8 ( ANI ): A young paraplegic Brazilian will reportedly don a mind-controlled robotic exoskeleton to demonstrate a football kick during the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2014, which will begin on June 16.
Excerpted from "Helping Paraplegics Walk: Looking Beyond the Media Blitz," by Howard Jay Chizeck, from the July 1985 issue of Technology Review.
19 -- From setting up country's first wheelchair rugby team to building up fully fledged computer centre for the inmates, Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre does all that things to make our injured Indian soldiers happy and smiling again.
And it is," said Richards, a 47-year-old paraplegic.
Inventor Alan Martin, who has received backing from disabled Formula 1 boss Sir Frank Williams, said: "The idea was to make something for paraplegic people so they could go out and enjoy being on a motorbike.
A paraplegic from Strasbourg, France took his first steps in 10 years following a revolutionary operation in which an implanted microchip restored nerve function.
Having an indwelling catheter, or having had to change from the bladder management program they had used initially predicted declining function in paraplegics.
Paraplegics, like amputees, suffer loss of stimulation from large sections of their bodies, and presumably their brains contain areas that cease activity for want of stimulation and become ripe for reorganization.
This was particularly true for quadriplegics, whereas some paraplegics had obtained work in machine trade, bench-work and other "practical" occupations.
Elkwood utilized his expertise in a way that can be life-altering for paraplegics worldwide whose lives are subjugated by acute posterior sores.
The paraplegics organization on Thursday backed the health minister's efforts to resolve the problems plaguing the health sector and implement the NHS.
Contract award: tender for the supply of consumables for paraplegics 7/2014