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Abstract--Intergeneric hybridization between the epinepheline serranids Cephalopholis fulva and Paranthias furcifer in waters off Bermuda was investigated by using morphological and molecular characters.
punctiferus Poey, 1875, each based on a single specimen of grouper that appeared to be intermediate in morphology between the coney, Cephalopholis fulva and the creolefish, Paranthias furcifer.
Paranthias furcifer is dark red in color; darker dorsally, lightening ventrally (Heemstra and Randall, 1993).
Paranthias furcifer is the only Atlantic grouper with a forked tail suggesting that it is one of the putative parents and C.
In this study, genetic information from four diagnostic allozyme loci, two diagnostic nuclear DNA loci, and three diagnostic mtDNA gene regions, was used to assess hybridization and introgression between Cephalopholis fulva and Paranthias furcifer in Bermuda waters.
cruentata (Lacepede, 1802), and 37 Paranthias furcifer (Valenciennes, 1828) were collected from Bermuda with baited handlines or rotenone solution.
2001) used mitochondrial DNA sequencing to demonstrate a close phylogenetic relationship between the genera Paranthias and Cephalopholis.