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the apparent displacement of an object as seen from two different points that are not on a line with the object

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Por lo demas, la geometria mas propicia no seria el unico parametro que explicaria estos resultados (LE90 error vertical con 90%, error sistematico y valores min/max) puesto que la disminucion (64%) del error MDE LE90 total entre S2-S7 y S1-S7 es superior a su aumento (38%) el RPV ("vertical paralax ratio" en ingles).
Also, a tacit assumption that the reader is already fairly knowledgeable about computers (he or she knows what a CPU is) enables the Paralax copywriter to focus more exclusively on the product's buyer benefits.
Worth, TX Paralax Broomfield, CO Skaggs Telecommunications Service Murray, UT Smith System Mfg.
Fue escrita por Paul Laverty (con la colaboracion del propio Loach) y producida por la habitual compania de las peliculas loachianas Paralax Pictures, mas la colaboracion de otros organismos britanicos y europeos, The Glasgow Film Fund, The Scotish Art Council National Lottery Fund, el Channel Four ingles, la alemana Road Movies (Wenders).
After making several phone calls, she spoke with a representative from Paralax in Broomfield, Colo.