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The failure of the Paraguayan government to obtain extradition meant the ex-general never faced trial for human rights crimes committed under Operation Condor, the plan launched jointly by the military governments that ruled Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay in the 1970s and 1980s (see NotiSur, 2001-06-01, 2005-07-01).
You can be talked up to high heaven my Paraguayan pals, but you'll never be as tall as Crouchie.
"There are many Brazilians working here, and many Paraguayans are left without jobs," said Tufik Mohsem, a Lebanese immigrant who owns a stereo shop in Ciudad del Este.
Having already won at the Arena do Gremio, the in-form Paraguayan giants clearly have a decent chance.
After the expulsion of the Europeans by the native Paraguayans, local luthiers had to develop their own ways of building harps.
When the pontiff hits something, the face of Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes appears on the right of the screen, squealing and holding out a sign that says, "keep going."
But the Paraguayans looked like a different side in the second half, and after Haedo Valdez scored their first they poured forward in search of an equaliser.
In The Grandchildren of Solano Lopez, historian Bridget Maria Chesterton tells the fascinating story of the role of the remote Chaco Boreal frontier in the development of Paraguayan nationalism.
In contrast, the Paraguayans had a pair of Italian-made gunboats, the Humaita and the Paraguay which, supplemented by five cargo vessels and two passenger ships converted to hospital ships, were able to ferry troops quickly to Puerto Casado, where five narrow-gauge railways transported them to the front.
Mary Gilmore argued that those who remained continued to advocate opening up colony membership to the Paraguayans. Such a flagrant rejection of this and many other of Lane's principles prompted a second secession in May 1894, in which Lane and a group of loyal followers left the colony to establish Cosme.
WHEN PARAGUAYAN Oscar Cardozo missed a second- half penalty and David Villa won it for Spain on Saturday, " neutral" football fans around the world hung their heads in frustration.
In 1925 there was an estimate of some 10,000 Paraguayans of noticeable African descent,, another estimate of 31,500 in 1935, and as late as 1951 an informal estimate of 3.5% of the national population was presumed to have some African blood (Rout 1976:208).
All sales of "Campo Jurado" will fund scholarships for young Paraguayans with limited economic means to study English at the Paraguayan-American Cultural Center.
Meanwhile Paraguayans in central London were philosophical but not too downhearted.