Paraguay tea

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South American holly

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There should be a lesson to two-legged animals in a four-legged one which was whipped fifty-six times--by as humble opponents as Clapping Jane, Black Bess, Victorious Ann, Borsa, Paraguay Tea, Microbe, Sandy Mack and other unremembered Bangtails--and still went on to beat the best there were and to win more money than any horse ever did before.
L'eggs Care promises to reduce cellulite with botanicals, such as Paraguay tea and grape seed extracts, embedded in microcapsules in the hosiery.
It's made by Boots, who say their scientifically formulated product - which costs pounds 15 for 200ml - contains Paraguay tea renowned for its skin toning and firming properties.
The Internet carries an advertisement for "Forever Young Body Perfecting Lotion," which contains Paraguay tea and theophylline conjugates.
On March 20, a 39-year-old man and his 38-year-old wife shared a pot of Paraguay tea.