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(logic) a statement that contradicts itself

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Paradoxism = paradox + ism, ar teorin och laran om anvandningen av paradoxer, motsagelser osv.
Czarniawska-Joerges, Barbara 1992 Styrningens paradoxer.
Zu den "weiblichen" Zugen von Veits Text gehort, paradoxer Weise, auch der Widerstand gegen Schlegels Streben nach vollendeter Mitteilung, dem perfekten Dialog.
The paradoxers have described fanciful scenarios in which the price of the redemption medium zooms off to zero (or infinity), largely because they assume that banks (or government as money issuer), instead of buying that medium as it is needed (or selling it), will draw on initially ample reserves of it (or will passively accumulate reserves in indefinite amounts).
While Raby has not set out to write the kind of meticulously researched and detailed scholarly biographical treatment recently afforded Butler's fellow late Victorian paradoxers Wilde and Shaw, his book gives a solid accounting of his subject that will be particularly useful to those who are unfamiliar with other Butler biographies.