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are in the midst of an unusual situation in which three paradigm shifts are emerging simultaneously.
NGIS represents one of the most significant projects ever undertaken at PBS, a complete paradigm shift in how we're going to distribute content and programming to the public television community," said Ed Caleca, senior vice president of technology and operations for PBS.
A paradigm shift is proposed with respect to the 'raison d'detre' of commercial enterprises, from the Maximization of Shareholder Value to the Maximization of Long Term Stakeholder Value.
ICAEW underlined that while the accounting profession is already adapting to this new technology, the profession needs to anticipate a paradigm shift.
In the face of paradigm shift, can the strategies or tactics for incumbents to combat single radical innovation or firm be adequate to deal with this new type of multi-faceted existential threat?
The heliocentric model provided a much simpler explanation in describing the orbit of heavenly bodies, thus, a paradigm shift.
The Convergence Crisis: An Impending Paradigm Shift in Advertising attempts to address the elements surrounding the impending doom faced by advertising, which has grown more and more ineffectual in its efforts due to savvy target audiences, migratory communities with increased demands and expectations, and advertisingAEs inability to effectively measure, monetize, and create revenue.
Paradigm shifts--those in which one comes to understand something in a substantially different way--are even more complicated and demanding, and yet each of our authors in this issue is proposing some sort of paradigm shift.
From April 2014, the Indian Railways are set to roll out next-generation e-ticketing, marking a paradigm shift in technology, customer-friendliness and speed.
In contemporary psychiatry, a paradigm shift in neuromodulation techniques has emerged over the past decade with the development of an array of novel neuromodulation techniques, (1) some of which do not induce seizures or touch the scalp with electrodes--or even use electricity.
If a new paradigm appears during a crisis, a scientific revolution takes place: Scientists are prepared to embrace a new framework; the old paradigm is eventually replaced, and a paradigm shift transpired.
GUJARAT chief minister Narendra Modi on Monday said there was a paradigm shift taking place in the Indian polity.
The idea came from the revolution and the inability to represent this major event or paradigm shift.
This article calls for a paradigm shift in ICA policies that moves away from a focus on the facilitation of adoption, which does not respond to the needs of families and communities, to one that includes prevention.
Illich's work was published at the time of a paradigm shift in curriculum theory which resulted in the development of Reconceptualization and Reproduction Theory.