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an estuary in northern Brazil into which the Tocantins River flows

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The Para River Basin is located in the Upper Sao Francisco River, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, occupying an area of 12,300 km2 and comprising 35 municipalities.
In order to adjust the hydrological model SWAT to the Para River Basin, a database containing information on topography, land use and plant cover, pedology and hydrology, was assembled.
The hydrological model SWAT was adjusted to the Para River Basin to simulate changes in land use under different plant cover scenarios, considering physical and climatic variables.
The adjustment of the hydrological model SWAT to the Para River Basin, evaluated by Coefficients of Residual Mass (CRM) and Nash-Sutcliffe (COE), showed a significant correspondence between simulated and observed values.
Therefore, the SWAT model adequately predicted the hydrological functioning of the Para River Basin, both for peak values, and for minimum runoff values, proportionally responding to the actual precipitation rates of the basin (Figure 3).
Data simulated by the SWAT model indicate an increase in flow, due to the changes in land use and in the original plant cover of the Para River Basin (Figure 5).
The annual water balance reveals the magnitude of the impact of land use changes on water flow in the Para River Basin (Table 1).
Despite the intense industrial activity at the estuary of the Para River, the area is an important artisanal fishing ground and the local population is highly dependent on fishery resources (Paz et al.
The study area is located on the right bank of the estuary Para River in the Brazilian state of Para, the Amazon estuary.
This work was designed to test the effects of the probable environmental contamination in the area adjacent to the industrial installations and cargo terminal in the estuary of the Para River.
In spite of the considerable impacts that have affected the study area since the construction of the local port by the Para Dock Company and the subsequent installation of mineral ore-processing industries, the ichthyofauna of the estuary of the Para River is characterized by a considerable diversity, with a total of 77 species being recorded within the study area.
The reproductive biology of Plagioscion squamosissimus (Heckel, 1840) in the Para River estuary (Amazon Estuary).
Species captured in the estuary of Para River (Amazon estuary).
816,000 to the City of Salisbury for the Green Trails Program will provide an off road sealed path along the Little Para River and Dry Creek corridors to improve linear open space connections in Salisbury.
3-kilometre-long bitumen sealed shared use path for cycling and walking along the North Para River.