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Herpesvirus papio 2: alternative antigen for use in monkey B virus diagnostic assays.
Also worth noting, although perhaps not adaptively explicable, is the fact that humans climb down cliffs/rock faces by almost exactly reversing the sequence of movements they use to climb up, moving feet first, while other primate species (Theropithecus and Papio included) do not.
Papio and Parapapio (Papionini) and Cercopithecoides (Colobinae).
Deutsch & Sons 225 1,200 Bella Sera E & J Gallo Winery 550 1,300 Black Swan E & J Gallo Winery -- 25 BV Century Cellars Diageo Chateau & Estates -- -- Little Penguin Southcorp Wines USA -- -- Black Box Pacific Wine Partners/Constellation -- -- Papio Robert Mondavi Winery -- -- Stimson Estate Cellers Ste.
Masuccio is the subject also of an essay by Michael Papio, who has published an entire book on that writer.
Levermann was also director of information-education for the Papio Natural Resources District and an urban conservationist with the former Douglas Soil and Water Conservation District, both in Omaha, Nebraska.
The Collegio Ponticifio Papio was founded in the 16th century by Bartolomeo Papio (1526-1580) on the orders of Pope Gregory XIII.
In olive baboons, Papio cynocephalus anubis, water retention in posterior tissues can add 12 percent to a female's weight.
If the local fishermen have pulled in some papio, you might luck into an entree of this delicate white fish, served grilled with garlic butter sauce, stir-fried vegetables and mashed potatoes that have been spread out on a griddle and flash-grilled.
In the August issue of the Journal of Virology, an international team headed by Ulrich Martin, MD of Hannover (Germany) Medical School described experiments demonstrating that human, gorilla, and Papio hamadryas baboon primary skin fibroblasts as well as baboon B-cell lines can be infected with PERV.
Trolling from windsurfers, canoes, and kayaks is used to capture ulua and papio near the reef drop-offs.
Hawaii has about 10 species of jack, among them the ulua, or giant trevally, and the smaller papio, or trevally.
Under this plan, the company will be anchored by its Woodbridge and Robert Mondavi Private Selection brands and will pursue the establishment of new wine brands, such as Papio.
Table, Sample information and nested PCR screening results for bufavirus, Zambia Animal, * species (common name) Location Year Primate Papio cynocephalus (yellow baboon) Mfuwe 2009 P.