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a boy who sells or delivers newspapers

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Reliable John Cooper started as a paperboy in 1947, aged 11, and 68 years later he is still going strong.
While pausing for a refreshing home-made lemonade during a nettle pulling session last week, I watched the paperboy make his usual way across my beautifully tended lawn.
Mr Newsome, 69, welcomed the campaign and said: "The dangers and pitfalls for paperboys and girls is something you don't think about.
The Evening Gazette was sponsoring a circulation drive, and those paperboys who got the most new subscriptions for The Evening Gazette would win a trip to New York City.
He said the summer promotion was so successful it will be repeated to encourage more young people to become a paperboy or papergirl.
James Cooper was bemused when a boy called at his Marske home claiming to be the paperboy - then waited for a Christmas cash tip.
Scotland's internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Dougie MacLean appears on the main stage on Sunday night with Vancouver's Americana country and Celtic band The Paperboys.
Practically the only junior high kids boasting more disposable income than I were other paperboys with more papers on their route.
If the paperboys go on holiday, the papers have still got to be delivered so I sometimes take them myself.
THE line-up for Glasgow's annual Big Big Country festival always includes a hidden gem - and this year it's Vancouver's The Paperboys.
Following his retirement, he spotted an advertisement for a local shop requiring paperboys.
Rats got his own back, however, when it came to the customary Christmas-time reward for the sterling work of all paperboys and girls.
West Midlands Police - who reopened the case as a murder inquiry earlier this year - are anxious to trace paperboys and other staff who worked at Dillons newsagent in Coventry Road, Yardley, Birmingham, at the time Mark was found hanging from a tree near Solihull.
Think about the local paperboys and girls who also turn out in all weathers to bring the news right to your doorstep.
His boss Mukesh Patel said he warned all his paperboys, including Declan, not to wear any headphones while crossing the road.