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(of books) having a flexible binding


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Yes, BD6 each for a small jiffy envelope with a paperback book in.
The BBC quoted the world's biggest online retailer as saying that it had sold 115 e-book downloads for every 100 paperback books in the US since the beginning of the year.
People can also donate playing cards; small board games such as chess, checkers or cribbage; jigsaw puzzles; recent paperback books, especially mysteries, action, drama and science fiction; puzzle books; and comic books.
Paperback books are also selling well and the Swedish paperbacks are said to be among the cheapest in the world with prices around SEK50-60.
1935: The first Penguin books were published: A train journey inspired the creation of the famous Penguin paperback books.
This concern was expressed widely with the introduction of both paperback books and television.
Periscope[R] LED Book Light in a Bookcover[TM] for hardcover and paperback books lets you read wherever you want to read without cords, clips, or clutter
Hardcover and Paperback Book Product Lines report features 2007 current and 2008 forecast estimates on the sales of hardcover and paperback books product lines for the 15 retail industries.
Larson estimated that paperback books cost an average of $9, so the money could potentially add more than 500 books to the school collection.
Hyperion, which was founded in 1991, publishes general-interest fiction and non-fiction hardcover, trade, and mass-market paperback books for adults and includes the Miramax, ESPN Books, ABC Daytime Press, Hyperion East, and Hyperion AudioBooks imprints.
Sometimes paperback books written by small-business people have more solid information than all the academics and management gurus combined can produce.
com, founded in 1998, offers a free web site of dog-friendly places and publishes paperback books including 'DogFriendly.
One of these paperback books will be available inside Cheerios boxes marked "Spoonfuls of Stories.
Blue King Studios also announced plans to collect every six issues of the comic into trade paperback books for sale in comic book stores and other retail outlets.
AAP members publish hardcover and paperback books and journals in every field of human interest.