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a boy who sells or delivers newspapers

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The Columbus paper runs an open page "most every day," says Mike Burbach, executive editor and vice president of the 52,400-circulation Ledger-Enquirer.
The local paper runs editorials warning people to "avoid cancer paranoia.
Her former paper runs a major story saying that there were additional reasons to the ones she raised at her departure.
A patented capsule-control coating of tiny beads stays intact while the paper runs through digital printers in a clean, consistent manner.
The paper runs an interview with retired diplomat Risto Nikovski, the author of the recently published book "The Role of the USA in the Macedonian Golgotha.
The public consultation on the white paper runs until January 31, 2012.
The paper runs regular reviews of pubs around the country where it assesses the quality, appearance and pour of the Guinness, as well as the overall impression of the venue.
Bachchan accuses the editor of dishonesty and says the reason he had sought a one-on-one interview was with the "malafide intent of recording the interview to be used as a live input on a video electronic facility medium that your paper runs.
The free, 4250-circulation paper runs about 12 pages a day, about one-fourth the page count of the morning paper.
An optional 1,500-sheet large capacity feeder allows for easy handling of long paper runs.