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a boy who sells or delivers newspapers

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The paper runs an interview with Boris Papuckovski, a Macedonian activist in the USA, in which he speaks about the activities of the Macedonian community before and after 1990, about the way in which they keep the Macedonian tradition going, about their communication and cooperation with the other communities in the USA, etc.
When the local paper runs a story that the Cwmderi branch of Banc Dyfed is closing, Moc tries to quell the storm, insisting he will never let such a thing happen.
Elastic properties are important because they determine how paper runs through copiers, fax machines, and printing presses.
The local paper runs editorials warning people to "avoid cancer paranoia.
The free, 4250-circulation paper runs about 12 pages a day, about one-fourth the page count of the morning paper.
A patented capsule-control coating of tiny beads stays intact while the paper runs through digital printers in a clean, consistent manner.
The paper runs an interview with retired diplomat Risto Nikovski, the author of the recently published book "The Role of the USA in the Macedonian Golgotha.
Bachchan accuses the editor of dishonesty and says the reason he had sought a one-on-one interview was with the "malafide intent of recording the interview to be used as a live input on a video electronic facility medium that your paper runs.
An optional 1,500-sheet large capacity feeder allows for easy handling of long paper runs.
In many cases, the paper runs one photo or none, Headlee says.
When paper runs out in one tray, the machine automatically switches trays and reloading can proceed while the machine is operating.
When BTK's poem was received in 1978, just two weeks before Valentine's Day, it was mistakenly thought to be one of the romantic messages the paper runs on Feb.
The paper runs a training program to improve reporters' investigative and other skills.
The paper runs 36 to 40 pages, and claims a distribution of 15,000.