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a person whose material wealth is valued at more than a million dollars

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Mr Nethercott, the carpet company's entrepreneur who became a paper millionaire when he brought it to the stock market in July, 1996, had a one-year contract and was paid pounds 222,000 last year.
A computer programmer who set up an Internet site as a hobby has become a paper millionaire following the sale of the company as part of a pounds 33 million deal.
They're each paper millionaires thanks to rocketing house prices, but as their individual stories unfold it's clear that's all they have in common.
The IPO, expected to mint more than a thousand paper millionaires at the company, has received wall-to-wall media coverage and sparked hopes of a boom in sales of everything from San Francisco Bay area real estate to automobiles.
That scenario created one of the biggest boom and busts in hi-tech history just over a decade ago, when investors became paper millionaires before their fortunes rapidly went up in smoke.
Ireland no longer serves as a vision of what Wales might look like if we became a nation of paper millionaires.
Further falls in house prices that actually start eroding the huge capital gains that have made hundreds of thousands of Britons into paper millionaires could inflict a serious blow to confidence that could take the whole economy with it.
Perhaps more accurately, Dobbs got momentarily wobbly at the sight of workaday schlubs on far lower rungs of the journalistic ladder becoming paper millionaires overnight by virtue of working for such now-forgotten webzines as Quokka Sports, Garden.
6% stake in the group and means its four owners are now paper millionaires.
6 per cent stake in the group and means its four owners are now paper millionaires.
Engineers and paper millionaires drove north to spend their take in San Francisco's hot restaurants and bars.
WASHINGTON - Local House of Representatives members' 2001 financial disclosure reports have revealed a few paper millionaires, a lot of typical upper-middle class professionals and a process variously described by critics as toothless and worthless.
Enron stock had ballooned in value, making paper millionaires of some longtime workers.
The top 20 all were paper millionaires just in actual compensation.
Last year prices grew by record 36 per cent with thousands of investors becoming paper millionaires.