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Synonyms for loss

Synonyms for loss

the act or an instance of losing something

the condition of being deprived of what one once had or ought to have

Synonyms for loss

gradual decline in amount or activity

the act of losing someone or something

the disadvantage that results from losing something


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the experience of losing a loved one

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the amount by which the cost of a business exceeds its revenue

euphemistic expressions for death

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We predict that investors' responses to the analysts' recommendations are a function of the current stock position of the investor (paper gain or paper loss).
Paper gain of $168,340 at a fair market value of $21.42 a share on Sept.
Paper gain of $188,972 at a fair market value of $7.95 a share on Sept.
Paper gain of $65,492 at a fair market value of $7.06 a share on Jan.
Thomas May, chairman of the board, president, director and chief executive officer, acquired 3,000 shares via exercise of options at $1 a share; paper gain of $68,250 at a fair market value of $23.75 a share April 11.
If the Spanish refiner achieves the valuation its owners anticipate, Abu Dhabi would see significant paper gains because its funds took full control of the company in 2011 in a deal valuing it at about EUR 7.5 billion.
Call me old-fashioned, but despite many die-hard Tesla fans sitting on enormous paper gains currently, I doubt very much that the type of reasoning presented by Mr.
If you are holding a life-changing pile of paper gains, consider the regrets of selling and bitcoin keeps going up, or not selling and it plunges.
Advocate Roddy Dunlop QC told judge Lord Turnbull that it can "be taken as read" that employees of the paper gained access to the socialist politician's mobile.
Alliance Paper executives, who cite Nielsen data suggesting that private label household paper gained share over the total private label market by nearly 3% from 2010 to 2014.
Stocks have advanced substantially since their low point in early 2009, and many investors are now sitting on large paper gains.
Under current law, investors can exchange rental real estate without incurring immediate tax liability -- even if they've racked up huge paper gains on their properties.
That, in turn, will not only drive consumption, but, as paper gains in houses and stocks are turned into holidays and marble countertops, it will also create jobs.
While this is certainly good news, and we should enjoy the paper gains, remember that markets go up and come down.