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the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing objects (e

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It is a traditional Japanese art of paper folding that started in the 17th century AD and became popular outside Japan in the mid 1900s.
It also offers a full range of fun-filled and educational activities including, colouring, drawing, painting, games, dressing up, paper folding (Origami), piano classes, yoga classes, storytelling, accessory making, pottery, tree planting, and cooking among many other activities.
The Japanese art of paper folding dates back to the 17th century
Harnessing children's creativity and developing their skills and talents, these workshops teach artistic crafts such as painting, designing, decorating, jewellery making, clay molding, basket weaving, paper folding, face painting, writing and performing a puppet show.
In the secular world it runs parallel to Christmas gift giving but with this paper folding delight the story of the lighting of the eight menorah candles is told simply, not dwelling on the ancient Maccabean victory over Antiochus IV Epiphanes but rather delivering a message of hope and peace for the future.
A number of family activities will be running including calligraphy and the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, origami.
And like origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, what we make of these possibilities is limited only by our imagination.
Free with advance registration at 541-682-5778; artist Amanda Puetz will lead participants in creating a multiple-page book with a wrap-around cover and decorative tie closure to use as a scrapbook, photo album or gift; learn basic paper folding and book sewing.
The new Wasabi outlet, which will serve Japanese cuisine, is due to open in early 2012 in Kuwait, and draws its inspiration from the traditional paper folding techniques of origami and kirigami.
What is the Japanese art-form of paper folding called?
Origamics; mathematical explorations through paper folding.
OrigamiUSA is an organization devoted to paper folding.
The metal frames look as if they were made by the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.
And make sure you have a piece of paper handy - you'll need it for Andy's idea of a spinoff show, Paper Folding Live.
You're sure to see a bit more than paper folding at this cultural fusion of contemporary dance and concepts.