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a sample of secretions and superficial cells of the uterine cervix and uterus

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To evaluate the use of Pap smear as a screening method for detecting precancerous lesions using Bethesda system 2016
With improvements in Pap smear adequacy rates throughout the QI project, we also observed increases in Pap smear abnormalities (Table 1).
Pap smear specimens from women referring to health centers in Yasouj (1999) were 1.9% infected with T.
Caption: Pap smear and mammography use down since 2000
Pap smear is an easy and extremely powerful method for identification of precancerous cervical disease.
Researchers found that lower Pap smear utilization among bisexual women was primarily driven by their poorer socio-economic status.
Pap smear results were recorded according to the Bethesda classification system [12].
Criteria for an unsatisfactory Pap smear included samples predominantly composed of anucleate squames, samples obscured by fecal material, or due to sparse cellularity.
The Future II Study tested the effects of "pap smear plus HPV vaccine" on 6087 women aged 15-26, and "pap smear alone" on 6080 women aged 15-26.
Results: Out of 160, 17 Pap smear tests were positive, 6 (35.3%) with abnormal results (HSIL) CIN-2 were HPV-DNA positive.
WHEN A WOMAN HAD AN ABNORMAL Pap smear in 2001, her gynecologist did not order a repeat test, but told the patient to return in 3 months.
As Head of Undergraduate Education in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Cape Town, SA, I was approached by a group of volunteer students asking for Pap smear training.
Objective: To find out the frequency of precancerous cervical lesions by doing Pap smear.
Pap smear was recognized as major screening technique by 74% nurses as shown in Table 3; while table 4 depicts knowledge about Pap smear among nurses.
Since the 50's, the implementation of the Pap smear as a screening test has led to a major reduction in the annual mortality rate by CC on a worldwide basis, especially in developed countries (6).