Panthera leo

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large gregarious predatory feline of Africa and India having a tawny coat with a shaggy mane in the male

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Husqvarna Panthera Leo is a hybrid made up of two ride-on mowers, Rider and Zero-Turn.
Class Mammalia Linnaeus, 1758 Order Carnivora Bowdich, 1821 Family Felidae Gray, 1821 Subfamily Pantherinae Pockock, 1917 Genus Panthera Oken, 1816 Panthera leo atrox Leidy, 1853
Plenty of prey, few predators: what limits lions Panthera leo in Katavi National Park, western Tanzania?
It was disappointing he could not score first time out over timber, but it may just prove he faced a pretty stiff task against Oxford De Lagarde and Panthera Leo.
But there are no big plans for Panthera Leo, who completed the three-timer after sticking gamely to his task to take the bumper on his racecourse bow, with connections hoping he will make up into a nice chaser at some point.