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the tenth month of the Hindu calendar

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Protection of the colorful Mixteca and Nahoa indigenous dye traditions in Mexico: the saga of the Plicopurpura pansa snail.
pansa is available from Oaxaca (Hernandez-Cortes & Acevedo-Garcia 1987, Acevedo-Garcia et al.
pansa were collected in 2001 from intertidal rocks on days during extreme low-water spring tides at Playa Cerrito on the Pacific coast (23[degrees]19'54"N and 110[degrees]10'38"W), about 80 km south-west of La Paz.
pansa for the production of "Tyrian Purple" it can be observed that it resulted in a decrease of the snail population, in spite of careful treatment of the snails during the "ink" collection and replacement afterwards on the rocks where they have been previously removed.
pansa be "milked" periodically to obtain Tyrian purple without harming the animal, however, too frequent milking caused mortalities.
pansa can be obtained without the need to kill the animal, shellfish middens are not found, as in Mediterranean and South American locations.
3) Pansa giustifica la sua posizione insistendo sulla sua prospettiva minoritaria rispetto all'insieme delle scritture tendenti a esaltare la Resistenza degli italiani.
In diesem Fall sind sie gleichzeitig das Pferd von Don Quixote, Rosinante, und der Esel von Sancho Pansa.
The life history of Plicopurpura pansa has been partially documented in Mexican temperate zones, but is scarcely documented in Mexican tropical zones such as the State of Oaxaca (particularly in the Huatulco National Park) (Turok et al.
Palabras clave: Plicopurpura, pansa, columellaris, cromosomas, polimorfismo.
The EU will be a relevant actor [in the defence industry] to the extent that the European Defence Agency will be able to play a role," said Pansa at a round table hosted by the Italian network CIPI (Centro Italiano Prospettiva Internazionale) in Brussels on 3 July.
The coeditor of the weekly magazine L'Espresso, Giampaolo Pansa is a prolific journalist and novelist.
Italian aerospace and defence group Finmeccanica (BIT:FNC) will announce the name of the buyer of a minority stake in Ansaldo Energia in a month and a half at the latest, Italian daily Il Sole 24 Ore reported on Monday, citing chief executive, Alessandro Pansa.