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Synonyms for panorama



Synonyms for panorama

that which is or can be seen

Synonyms for panorama

a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene

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We had photographers coming from far and wide to see what we were doing and falling in love with the panoramic format, including Peter Lik and others.
The novelty of the panoramic format will make everything seem better through the viewfinder
25X10") book presents Smith's richly textured black & white landscapes in a panoramic format.
Interpreting panoramic images can be difficult without a base knowledge of normal radiolucencies and radiopacities, as well as the appearance of anatomy when imaged in a panoramic format.
They have had success with our panoramic cityscape prints and wanted to offer lighthouses in the same panoramic format to their customers.
Developed around advanced Kodak CCD technology, the IA2560 processes 2560 x 480 pixels in an extreme panoramic format.
Some people bought an APS camera and went out and shot an entire roll of film in the panoramic format.
The results - all in traditional black-and-white - are gorgeous, intimate glimpses of the Northwest and some of the best work I've seen with the odd panoramic format.