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art historian (1892-1968)

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Author Erwin Panofsky started by giving his readers an understanding of iconography which is concerned with the study of subject matter or meaning or massages of art work as opposed to their form.
Among her topics are Archimedean points: monuments as duration reservoirs, forms and figures: two fundamental modes of pictorial production, iconological space: Panofsky with Warburg, the figural synthesis of historical reality in the iconology table, and figural content and the past as a res extensa.
See Ruth Panofsky, At Odds in the World: Essays on Jewish Canadian Women Writers (Toronto: Inanna Publications, 2008); and Julie Spergel, Canada's "Second History": The Fiction of Jewish Canadian Women Writers (Hamburg: Verlag Dr.
En dicho espacio escribieron personalidades como Fritz Saxl, Ernst Cassirer, Erwin Panofsky y Gertrude Bing, por mencionar solo algunos, cuyos 60 000 volumenes (Kulturwissenschaftliche Bibliothek Warburg) fueron trasladados por el primero y la ultima a Londres en 1933, a raiz de la persecucion nazi.
Such a descriptor does not obviously account for the fact that, say, Panofsky characterized his move to the United States as an "expulsion to Paradise.
Art history and exile: Richard Krautheimer and Edwin Panofsky.
However, in recent years these literary works have been reconsidered, beginning with the central, interdisciplinary essay by Erwin Panofsky (1954) and followed by the illuminating studies by Raffaele Colapietra (1956), Maurizio Costanzo (1976), Dante Della Terza (1979) and Antonio Marzo (Galilei, 2001).
Other than the well-known Panofsky example from the Gothic, city-form of the later LIA seems to have had analogous effect on the minds of people within it.
Contributions include a biography of Wolfgang Panofsky, research on bottomonium, the LSND and MiniBooNE experiments, axions, density functional theory and Fermi superfluids, fluid dynamics in relativistic collisions, supernovae, muonic hydrogen, CP violation in the Bs system, mixing angle evaluation of the Standard Model, liquid argon detectors, partonic structure of the proton, photodetectors in particle physics experimentation, supersymmetry, superheavy nuclei, electron-positron annihilation, two chapters on the Tevatron collider, two-neutrino double-beta decay, and lepton flavor-violation.
Definir un metodo de analisis de contenido de la fotografia basandonos en los niveles de Panofsky, en los elementos de Lasswell y en la connotacion segun Barthes
In Renaissance we can find this idea with Pomponius Gauricus, quoted by Panofsky, who defines space as "a continuous quantity, consisting of three physical dimensions, existing, by nature, before all bodies and beyond all bodies, indifferently receiving everything.
Halted by the Archive: The Impact of Excessive Archival Restrictions on Scholars," by Ruth Panofsky and Michael Moir, offers a dialogue regarding the issue of access from the point of view of the researcher (Panofsky) and of the archivist (Moir).
This was work they did together at NCAR even though they sprang, individually, from separate branches of the tropical tree (Madden's advisor was Bernhard Haurwitz at Colorado State; Julian's, 18 years earlier, was Hans Panofsky at Penn State).
Sin embargo, el renombre alcanzado por el instituto contrasta con la oscuridad que envolvio el pensamiento del propio Warburg, que quedo no solo a la sombra del instituto que lleva su nombre, sino tambien a la sombra de sus mas conocidos seguidores, Erwin Panofsky y Ernst Gombrich.