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Backed by all the tests that we have conducted on Panicum fodder, we are confident that it's a good quality fodder which can be grown with brackish water,' he said.
Conclusions: The high crude protein and moderate fiber content, along with high IVDMD found in Ammophila arenaria, Trigonella maritima and Vicia monantha, Vicia sativa, Atriplex nummularia, Ononis vaginalis and Lycium shawii suggested that these plants have a greater nutritive value than the highly fibrous and of moderate IVDMD species such as: Lygeum spartum, Lygos raetam, Panicum coloratum, Lolium rigidum, Gymnocarpos decandrum, Deverra trotuosa and Aeluropus lagopoides.
She said they will undertake plantation of Panicum in the first phase of the project, followed by its ecological studies and biochemical as well as nutritive and anti-nutritive analysis in the next one.
Avaliacao de genotipos de Panicum maximum quanto a resistencia a Bipolaris maydis.
1] for the grasses Xaraes and Marandu, from the genus Brachiaria, and Tanzania and Mombaca, from the genus Panicum.
Eleven grasses (Andropogon gayanus, Andropogon tectorum, Brachiaria ruziziensis, Cynodon datylon, Echinochloa stagnina, Hyparrhenia diplandra, Panicum maximum var.
and Panicum dichotomiflorum would be expected on recently exposed soils like those in the early years after construction of the marsh.
Mediante esta tecnica, se puedo diferenciar la diversidad genetica en la especie Leucaena (29) y se caracterizaron las fracciones de proteinas de las hojas de Panicum virgatum, Andropogon gerardii y Bromus inermis, que no fueron degradadas en rumen; el analisis de los geles indico tres fracciones de 24, 26 y 56 kDa.
Not only molinia and miscanthus but deschampsia, panicum and pennisetum change colour, shifting to a softer palette but adding to the mix their fluffy seed heads.
Effect of Magnetic Fields in Germination, Growth, and Microbial Florishing in Seedlings of Brachiaria humidicola, Panicum maximum, and Zea maiz (Poaceae)
Panicum maximum (Guinea grass) is one of the most common and wide spread grasses in the derived savannah region of Nigeria.