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of or relating to all the Greeks


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Integration of children with disabilities into the Montessori Primary School and Gymnasium of Munich 20th Panhellenic Special Education Conference.
The Orange were always wimps, they should all die in the Panhellenic Fans' Association," the tweet said.
Recruitment for two of the university's four Greek councils, Panhellenic Association and the Interfraternity Council, ends this weekend.
SOURCE: "Fraternities and Sororities: Understanding Life Outcomes," North-American Interfraternity Conference and the National Panhellenic Conference, citing the Gallup-Purdue Index, 2014
Esteban Calderon Dorda offers an analysis of Io in Aeschylus, although I think the idea of Io as a Panhellenic character could have been further developed, with more proof and connections made with other media besides only the text itself.
Problems are expected to arise in the transportation sector as the Panhellenic Federation of Railway Workers and the Panhellenic Seamen's Federation will also participate in the strike, the Greekreporter.
Ryan sent a letter to the campus community signed by him and student leaders, including the presidents of WPI's Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council, saying, "WPI in no way endorses or condones such hateful and inappropriate behaviors or comments.
Ferry services were expected to be halted the entire day as the Panhellenic Seamens' Union took part in the general strike called for by the country's two main unions.
The Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association, representing pharmacists, said supplies were down by 90%.
Designed by John Mead Howells and opened in 1929 as the Panhellenic Tower, the building originally provided affordable housing to 400 young, college-educated women who were entering the New York City workforce in record numbers in the 1920s.
3m, after an outstanding campaign in Greece saw him awarded the League's prestigious best foreign player award from the Panhellenic Association of Professional Footballers (PSAP) - the most established award ceremony in Greek football.
The news was hardly startling, given that in its first eight years within the euro zone (2001-08) Greece averaged annual budget deficits equal to 5 percent of GDP, compared to the other members' average of 2 percent; gorged itself on an extravagant 2004 Summer Olympics; and capped off the party in October 2009 by voting in the Panhellenic Socialist Movement party, which promised to spend even more money.
OUT: George Papandreou, Panhellenic Socialist Movement/ Socialist International
Panhellenic conference on informatics; proceedings.
After a first strike on 5 July, talks between taxi drivers from the Panhellenic Federation of Taxi Owners and Transport Minister Yannis Ragoussis failed to resolve the issue.