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expecting a favorable outcome or dwelling on hopeful aspects

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In a pertinent demonstration of the power of Panglossian ideology, Kay and Jost (2003) demonstrated that people who were primed with a description of an individual being either, "poor and happy" or "rich and unhappy" showed higher support for the social system than did those who were exposed to a stereotype of "poor and unhappy" or "rich and happy.
This outlook goes quite a bit beyond Pollyannaish and arrives rather nearer to Panglossian.
There is no room for complacency or Panglossian optimism.
Bashir established herself early both as an idealist and a check on Panglossian hopes for Afghanistan's post-Taliban future.
It is, however, an easy and informative read that describes with Panglossian lenses the Haiti of the 1950s prior to Duvalier's ascendancy.
In her testimony to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, she said: "Given that Pakistan is unlikely to be induced to abandon its reliance upon militancy under its nuclear umbrella for both external and internal reasons, the international community -including the United States-should abandon its Panglossian optimism that additional foreign assistance or security assistance will shift Pakistan's strategic calculus away from using LeT or other militants to service its internal and external goals.
In sum, despite its Panglossian portrayal of those at the pinnacle of the productive pyramid, there is much to enjoy in Atlas Shrugged.
Today, three years into the Great Recession, that Panglossian vision also could be characterized by a now-tarnished phrase--efficient markets hypothesis.
The single most immediate and direct impact of having an independent fiscal policy would be to rein in spending by producing a counterpoint to Panglossian government growth and revenue forecasts.
Rather than suffering from Stockholm syndrome, it was actually a fitting example of the good-natured, almost Panglossian, optimism that seems to suffuse Chadad's entire Libyan adventure.
En su trabajo clasico "The Spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian Paradigm: A Critique of the Adaptationist Programme", Stephen Jay Gould y Richard Lewontin platean que la mente humana puede ser un producto secundario de otros organos funcionales.
Vitalis's objectives is to disabuse one of accepting what he asserts is the overly Panglossian approach--the "mythmaking"--that shapes and dominates the appreciation of the kingdom and its relations with the United States.
Hayek was more interested in employing values that allegedly bubble up from the order itself, but this effort is unconvincing because it forces one either into the Panglossian fallacy or into asserting ethical commitments with no basis at all.
And ancillary to this is a rich stew of arguments, ranging from the apocalyptic (peak oil will lead to the end of civilization) to the panglossian (peak oil will keep us from destroying the ecosystem).
This is more Panglossian economics than sound financial management.