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Synonyms for panda

large black-and-white herbivorous mammal of bamboo forests of China and Tibet

reddish-brown Old World raccoon-like carnivore

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Assuming things are in relatively good shape, you can then use that data as a baseline looking forward," explains Pando.
Pando Mission is a revolutionary concept that brings entrepreneurship, nature and people together.
Sujith chowdary, Performance Improvement of a Photovoltaic Array using MPPT PandO Technique", IEEE INT.
6) They are generally found incidentally in DCR surgeries, and can be described as a cause of PANDO.
La falta de actualizacion de la cartografia en las regiones Ucayali (Peru), Madre de Dios (Peru), Acre (Brasil) y Pando (Bolivia) tiene impactos no solo en los mapas sino en cualquier proyecto o sistema de manejo que por ley necesita estar basado en la cartografia nacional.
En el estudio preliminar, Cordero Pando muestra como Vitoria, al remitir en esta releccion la fundamentacion del poder a su condicion de algo inherente a la republica, se colocara, de un lado, contra los promotores de los movimientos anarquizantes --quienes sostenian la tesis reformada de la total liberacion por Cristo del pecado y de su consecuencia, el poder coactivo--, y, del otro lado, contra los paladines del absolutismo regio.
You have to document that all employees are certified," says Pando.
As increasingly large areas of these forests in Bolivia's Amazonian Pando Department were being destroyed in the early 1990s for cattle ranching, a land resource study following the World Soils and Terrain Digital Database approach was commissioned to provide a basis for zoning the region to conserve the Brazil-nut forests.
Donovan expects Sunday's match to resemble the Galaxy's 1-0 win over New England in 2005, which was decided on a goal by Pando Ramirez.
Interest in the product has been such that it's currently being adapted for use in large-scale Canadian mining projects such as the two year Pando Project in Sudbury and the Baffin Island mineral initiative.
But the proposals were rejected in Santa Cruz, Tarija, Beni and Pando, wealthy regions, which hold much of the country's natural resources and where anti-Morales sentiment runs deep.
Other topics: Pando, Minturn, Wolcott, Gypsum, Dotsero.
Pando aspen man spreads uprising flowering, flower, spreading root
Por: Javier Garcia Pando, Presidente de la Coordinadora Nacional de Productores de Papa
En el caso extremo de Pando, por ejemplo, se trata de una mayoria comparativamente "pequena", ya que ahi viven cerca de 60.