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Indian statesman and leader with Gandhi in the struggle for home rule


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In my teenaged years I devoured everything about Pandit Nehru - my discovery of India was through, well, his own Discovery of India - and to this day India's history fascinates me and moves me to the core.
Moreover, Pandit Nehru was the product of nationalist movement and when he headed Indian government, the people around him as well as the system, which evolved was entirely different.
The first thing which Modi tries to do in this direction is to emotionally undermine the role of Pandit Nehru.
THE Congress has snubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi while inviting world leaders to the conference on Pandit Nehru due to his hatred for the Nehru- Gandhi family, party general secretary Madhusudan Mistry has said.
The day is also observed as the 'Children's Day' in India as Pandit Nehru had great affection for children.
PANDIT NEHRU was literally stopped at the gates of Kashmir Valley.
The Prime Minister echoed the concerns that Pandit Nehru expressed at his first address.
I have also not seen Pandit Nehru wearing such a cap.
The Amaravati Metro Rail Corporation Limited (AMRCL) had been selected to execute the Vijayawada Mass Transit System for the Vijayawada Metropolitan area along the identified 26-km alignment from the Pandit Nehru Bus Station (PNBS) to Nidamanuru and the PNBS to Penamaluru.
PRIME MINISTER Manmohan Singh has upturned much of what Jawaharlal Nehru carefully implanted: where Pandit Nehru was conservative, Dr Singh is a liberal reformist.
Address : 3Rd Floor, Ntr Administrative Block, Pandit Nehru Bus Station, Nh-65, Vijayawada-520001
Advani also quoted from a biography of Sardar Patel to argue that even the latter was against Article 370, but did not push for it due to his regard for Pandit Nehru.
Pandit Nehru is an important character in the history of India, so it was important to play him right.