Panama Canal Zone

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a zone consisting of a strip of land across the Isthmus of Panama that contains the Panama Canal

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Having served as Marshall's G-3 officer for a little more than a year, Andrews was directed to take command of air assets located within the Panama Canal Zone. Wasting no time, he conducted an extensive 6,000-mile inspection of air facilities throughout the theater, conferring with area commanders to determine needed improvements.
Carlos Bethancourt and Jose Soto, both professional bird guides and expert naturalists working in the rainforests of Panama, will deliver a talk entitled Birding in the Panama Canal Zone in the old church rooms on the corner of Heol Isaf and Park Road, in Radyr, Cardiff, from 7.30pm today.
The Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty, ratified by the Senate in 1904, granted the United States complete control over the canal and the ten-mile-wide Panama Canal Zone in perpetuity.
In addition, the United States gained the Panama Canal Zone, a U.S.
Carver's team is currently involved in marketing maritime development near the Panama Canal Zone; near-port developments in Savannah and Jacksonville, Fla.; and rail intermodal hubs in Dallas and Phoenix.
Theodore Roosevelt was president, and that year, 1906, he became the first president to travel outside the country while in office; he went to the Panama Canal Zone.
The personnel needed to activate the 551st were mustered at Fort Benning in late November 1942, and then the unit shipped out of Hampton Roads, Virginia, to Fort Kobbe in the Panama Canal Zone. Initially, the mission of the 551st and the 501st Parachute Infantry Battalions was to prepare to make a parachute assault on the French Vichy government controlled island of Martinique, which was being used to support German submarine activities in the south Atlantic.
Army, he spent two years in the Panama Canal Zone as a reporter and editor of the command's weekly newspaper.
The last notable action involving the Joint Board concerned a Panama Canal Zone submarine base.
* Searching for anyone who served during 1969/70 in the nation 01 Panama Canal Zone in the Panama Canal Zone, at 252 Signal Company, Fort Clayton and also Flamingo Island near Amadore Canal Zone.
the Alabama physician who conquered yellow fever in the Panama Canal Zone and later became the Surgeon General of the United States Army.
Clark was born in 1914 in the Panama Canal Zone. As a small child, he immigrated with his family to Harlem.
MASON, Charles E, "Sanitation in the Panama Canal Zone", en GOETHALS, George, The Panama Canal: An Engineering Treatise, New York, McGraw-Hill, 1916, Vol.
On This Day: 1903: America acquired the Panama Canal Zone for an annual rent.
What is not so well known is Washington's concern for the safety of the Panama Canal Zone, another distraction preventing Americans from taking seriously the danger to Hawaii, in particular causing a delay in the installation of radar defenses on Oahu--which in turn contributed to the fact that radar was itself not taken seriously on Pearl Harbor Day.