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I met him first at the Tivoli hotel in Panama. He had much money--this I have heard.
By this time the American admiral, O'Connor, was fully informed of the existence of the airships, and he was no longer vitally concerned for Panama, since the submarine flotilla was reported arrived there from Key West, and the Delaware and Abraham Lincoln, two powerful and entirely modern ships, were already at Rio Grande, on the Pacific side of the canal.
"Observe my Panama," he said, touching the brim of his hat.
A number had gone to Panama, and four were talking of going to Ecuador to work in the shops of the railroad that ran over the Andes to Quito.
But the Panama lay on the moss beside him; and the spectator could see that his brow was prematurely bald; and this, combined with a certain hollowness about the eyes, had an air of headwork and even headache.
He had stood for some seconds on the headland above, with his aquiline profile under the Panama hat relieved against the sky and peering over the countryside before his companion had collected himself sufficiently to scramble up after him.
Aloft Panama offers 139 spacious loft-like rooms, tech forward innovation and a buzzing, social atmosphere.
Apparels are among the major items that Colombia import from Panama at present, and hence the FTA, once it comes into force, is likely to boost Panama's clothing exports.
In 2012, Panama built on past efforts to strengthen and improve its security institutions, enhance interdiction capacity and ensure citizen security.
Panama's current and future infrastructure projects read tike a wish list for any global travel hub: airport expansion, new roadways, a new rail system, thousands of new hotel rooms, large-scale event venues and fast-growing mega-malls.
He projects that cultivation of tilapia and shrimp will increase in Panama as the FTA comes into effect, citing strong growth in tilapia exports from countries like Costa Rica.
American nation of Panama has made notable political and economic
Ancient walls, glassy skyscrapers, and a mix of African, Native Panamanian, and Spanish cultures have all played a part in forming the frenetic 'Miami of Central America': Panama City -- the oldest continuously occupied European settlement on the Pacific coast of the Americas -- turns 500.
As part of this commemoration, the Commission of the 500th anniversary of the founding of Panama City and the Mayor of Panama City, together with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), launched a series of activities of art, culture, music, cuisine, and academics, among others.
The earthquake hit 30 miles (48 km) northwest of Panama's coastal and second largest city of David, reported Sputnik.