Pan American Union

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the administrative agency of the Organization of American States

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She recognized the void left by the cessation of the Pan American Union guide and the need for a comprehensive periodical index for Latin America.
Eighteen countries became members (the organization currently has 35); initially called the Union of American Republics and later the Pan American Union, its focus--to promote economic unity among Western nations, ensure peace, and find solutions to political or judicial problems--evolved over time to include, after World War II, a pledge to fight communism.
Amoroso Lima's multifaceted career included positions as professor of sociology, law, and literature, university president, literary critic for the Jornal do Brasil and numerous other periodicals, and director of the Cultural Division of the Pan American Union in Washington, D.C.
Tangibly and inseparably associated with inter-Americanism as a living tradition, the significance of this structure that is now the OAS headquarters building is evident in the continuity of the organizations that have occupied it, from the Pan American Union to the Organization of American States.
It may be possible to find citations to the majority of these 414 biographees by using a variety of other sources; approximately two-thirds, for example, are included in the Bio-Bibliographical Index of Musicians in the United States of America since Colonial Times, prepared as a WPA project by the District of Columbia Historical Records Survey (Washington, D.C.: Pan American Union, 1941).
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